"The warm glow of the interior lights spills out of the storefront windows; creating a golden halo around Julie's Cafe and Bar. Everything about the converted 60s snack bar radiates. Nestled amoungst the old red brick houses on an otherwise quiet residential strip of Dovercourt, the Cuban tapas joint serves up authentic dishes, a cozy environment, and good vibrations - all of which will make you feel as though you have stumbled into a neighbourhood dinner party."

- Bob Blumer, Glutton For Punishment
Food Network

"Cuban cantina Julie's makes it magical for Valentine's Day." more >>

- Now Magazine Online, February, 2013

"They don't have DJs and they don't do bottle service. But what the ever-affable Sylvia Llewellyn and Jesus Baute have in spades is hospitality, the old-fashioned kind that values customer comfort over cash flow. Not that you'll need the big bucks to enjoy plates of Cuban papa rellenas and pork picadillo under a quiet starry night sky, but you will need reservations." more >>

- Now Magazine Patio Guide, Summer, 2012

"Casually cool Cuban cantina on downtown's west side."

- Now Magazine Online, July, 2001

"While Latin eateries have been peppering the high-dining corridors for years, Julie's Restaurant and Bar has been quietly serving up Cuban fare on a shaded residential strip of Dovercourt near Dundas."

- Eye Magazine Online, August, 2000

"My Cuban request has been answered by Sylvia and her partner Jesus, the owner's of Julie's Cuban Restaurant in Toronto's west end."
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"I whole-heartedly recommend this place for a great date or a quiet night with friends..."
more >>


"Most hot summer evenings you can find me on Julie's patio sipping Mojitos or white wine and snacking on their delicious tapas or tucking into a generous dinner platter of lime marinated beef served with plantain and rice or their yummy chicken. Julie's is an old diner that has been turned into a Cuban restaurant. It still has the charm (and the name) of an old neighbourhood diner but with a Cuban twist. I like that it's away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. You'd never know it was there unless someone told you about it. It's simple and unpretentious. They make the best Mojito in the city, we love the corn fritters, and a summer night on the patio at Julie's with friends makes Toronto feel almost human. Julie's is a little like me, down to earth but a little spicy."

- Josey Vogels, celebrity recommendation

"Self-professed "mojito queen" Sylvia and her husband, Jesus, have been slinging straightforward mojito Cubanos since long before the Ossington crowd discovered their quaint cantina. Locavores will appreciate the freshness of the mint, which is grown behind the restaurant. And if mean girl Rachel McAdams is nice enough to wait in line for a table here, these mojitos must be good."
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- Josh Dehaas, Toronto Life, July 28, 2010

"Restaurant review: A terrific Cuban cantina year round, this tucked-away trat on a sleepy west-side street really blooms come summer. As trees whisper overhead and candlelight reflects off wine glasses, affable hosts Jesus and Sylvia dish up a classic pre-Castro Havana card that's perfect for sharing à deux under a starry sky. Reservations, needless to say, are essential.

Best: Snacking tapas versions of the fried mashed-potato ball called papa rellena, one stuffed with lean ground beef, onion, tomato and green olives; yuca con mojo laced with lime and garlic; sausage chorizos in red wine; subtly complex pork and beef hash (Picadillo de Mamita) with jalapeños and raisins; to finish, Margarita Key Lime pie."
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- NOW Magazine, May 28, 2009

"Romance hangs in the air heavy and still as the scent of lilacs and these nights sharing plates is less a culinary trend than like the company you keep: simply 'what's in season'. Besides it's getting way too sweaty and swoonsome to eat an entire meal without a little help. Beware though, as the worst kept romantic secret downtown, Julie's attracts a crowd of like minded doe-eyed soulgazers so if you haven't got reservations you and your honey should be prepared to dine elsewhere, Jackson."
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-, May 23, 2007

"Neighbourhoods are the backbone of life in Toronto. The neighbourhoods around Dundas and Dovercourt are rich in history and culture. Countless immigrants have come from around the world and made this part of Toronto their home.

Julie owned and ran a grocery store while living in the back room. That store became Julie's Cuban Restaurant, now run by Julie's daughter Sylvia Llewellyn and her partner Jesus Baute. Julie's serves authentic Cuban cuisine and there really is nothing like it in Toronto. Even National Geographic [Traveller] has featured Julie's in an article."
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- Marty Galin,, March 2, 2004

"Twinkling candles and mini-lights evoke a star-spangled tropical night; kitsch-laden shelves are a nod to both the space's grocery-cum-diner past and to post-blockade Cuba. The food is every bit as fun as the space, especially salads (like creamy ripe avocado and sweet mango with the sharpness of red onion) and a variety of tapas-sized apps: perfect frituras de maís (golden, crispy, yet moist corn fritters served with sour cream) and tasty shrimp swimming in a not-so-hot "spicy" tomato salsa. Proteins dominate mains, such as ropa vieja, a Cuban staple that features succulent strands of stewed beef in tomato sauce. A Mojito Cubano complements the menu perfectly. Gracious service."

- Toronto Life

"Julie's offers a lively blast of Cuban food."

- Cynthia Wine, Toronto Star