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Online poker is one of the gambling games that are in great demand by gambling lovers, so many gambling members continue to join an online poker site. See below are the characters of online scam poker sites that have been discussed by Juliescuban.

Now, with the increasing number of members of each online poker provider site, this has resulted in many online poker gambling sites popping up on the internet. Of course, not all online poker gambling sites on the internet can actually provide goodness to their members.

What can happen is that when an online poker site that initially has no intention of cheating, then a member wins big while playing poker, the site becomes a fraud site. Surely you have heard about fraud in gambling games on the internet, right?

Lots of fraud modes that afflict online poker gambling members with different systems that occur on the internet, one example is blocking the personal IP number of the player’s computer so that the player cannot log in to his account again. Of course if this happens to you and at that time you have a large enough balance in your account, you will feel very hopeless and sad.

Therefore, so that you don’t experience this and don’t fall into cheating online poker gambling sites, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the following cheating online poker sites.

Characters of online scam poker sites

  1. site with haphazard design

    One of the characteristics of a cheating online poker site is that it can be seen from the appearance of the site’s design. If you come across a site that doesn’t make a design that aims to give its members peace of mind in playing online poker and that site tends to be made random and not at all interesting to look at, then it might be a scam site. This is because all genuine online poker gambling sites will do their best to make their members comfortable joining the site and the site design will be made as attractive as possible to attract the attention of potential customers. one of the situs judi sbobet that can be trusted is a site with an attractive design.

  2. The site does not have a large selection of games

    Every trusted online poker gambling site will provide many games that can be played by members who join the gambling site using ID only. Therefore, if you find an online poker gambling site, where the site only has one or two types of games, you should immediately stay away from that site because it is a characteristic of a rogue online poker site. Especially if one ID can only be used for one game.

  3. Provides a minimum deposit that is too large

    In general, an original situs judi bola will provide a relatively cheap minimum for a deposit, which is around 10,000 to 25,000, this is to gain trust in its members who have just joined. So if you find an online poker site that asks for a minimum deposit that you think is too big, you should immediately avoid that site and you look for other online poker sites.

This is our discussion regarding the characteristics of conman online poker gambling sites. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and can prevent you from being trapped in scamming online poker gambling sites. That is all and thank you.